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Best keyword research practices for SEO: 2017 | Whats-online.info

Best keyword research practices for SEO: 2017

2017:01:14 / Science and Tutorials

Keyword research is the act of looking for the best profitable keywords, relevant to the content on your web page for SEO. See guide for best keyword research techniques.

Whats are keyword?

Keywords are one of the keys aspects of SEO.

 In other words, they are like a compass.

 They give your site visitors direction for the products, services that you offer.

 They tend to occur in a text more often than we would expect to occur by any chance alone.

What are some of the importances of keywords in SEO?

1.Gain more search engine traffic.

2.Optimize your website/blog on search results to help you rank faster.

3.Guide web users know the best product or service they are looking for.

4. Know your customers better for your posts.

5. Increase your sales, commissions, and income.

Have you ever tried to quiz yourself, why do some blog posts 

feature out well on search results while your posts, with very high-quality content, don't even feature on the first ten pages of search results?

The answer is here, and this is why as a blogger you should implement this practices.

Firstly, I would like to correct this before engaging in this keyword research guide. Most keyword research bloggers and masters have taken the initiative of misdirecting new inborns to keyword research think keyword research is all about thinking of a word, checking its weight against Google Adword planner and implementing it. However, 

as per my continuous investigations, a good keyword researcher first thinks of that word and comes up with other words closely related to that keyword before checking them on Google Adword planner.

For, e.g., Using Google suggested keywords - This are suggested keywords that appear at the bottom of the search results

For instance: keyword like "basketball shoes."

-basketball shoes for kids

-cheap basketball shoes

-basketball shoes amazon

-basketball shoes clearance

-discount basketball shoes

-best basketball shoes

-basketball shoes Nike

-basketball shoes sale

After coming up with a nice keyword,  you can now check its competition on

the Google Adwords Planner.

How to check keyword competition on Google Adword Planner

1.Sign up or sign in to Google AdWords if already registered as shown below

2.After signing in Click the Tool navigation link as shown below.

3.Then search for keywords and then click the 'Get idea button.


N.B.: Get the keywords that have a high monthly average search but 

low competition.

How can I place the keywords?

Marketer attempting to optimize a web page for SEO should consider placing the keywords in the following places:

1.Use the keyword in the title meta tag (i.e., title of the page)

2.Use the keyword in the URL (e.g., www.whats-online.info/keyword-research)

3.Use the keyword in the meta description tags.

4. Use the keyword, and its variations at least 3-5 times throughout the page copy. (Avoid keyword stuffing)

Keyword stuffing is an SEO act of overloading web page content or the meta tags with keywords. Avoid keyword stuffing by using keywords that are closely related, minimal but not tied to almost the same meaning. For instance,

'Bread brands and bread types.'

This two words sound different but have got closely the same meaning.

5.Use the keyword as the anchor text in links referring to the web page.

6.Use the keyword in any image URL and the images' alt text.

NB, keyword relevancy is more important than keyword density in SEO, especially when optimizing your web pages for search engines.

For instance, Google ranks higher keywords that are relevant to the content of the web page . 

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