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Best way to increase website or blog traffic for free

2016:08:21 / Guides and info

Website/blog owners nowadays are becoming more and more motivated on cultivating their online existence. it is important to understand some of the best ways to increase website or blog traffic for free

Best way to increase website/ blog traffic for free

Best way to increase website/ blog traffic for free

Website/blog owners nowadays are becoming more and more motivated on cultivating their online existence. Considering the competitive nature of the online business world, this possibly comes is not a surprise. Companies are continually looking at methods to outdo their challengers, and it appears that getting ways to generate traffic takes a better portion of their time. In my journey, I have used close to fifty ways of increasing traffic on my website, but I have with time narrowed down to the best ten. Sharing is caring, right? I would love to share ten of the ways that you can employ to increase traffic on your website/ blog for free.

1)      Write more and more useful content

Writing full content drives traffic. It is not all about the volume but the content as well. In the past one year, I took a challenge to increase my postings from one a week to twice then currently to thrice a week. The result of the trial was a 400% growth in page views and traffic. The explanation is logic. The more the content, the more people have to read and hence more traffic. The same experiment was applied by a leading company, and the results were all the same.

2)      Syndicate your website/ blog on other sites

Syndicating your site/ blog on other sites is an impressive technique to draw new viewers to your site. A good way to do this is to look for websites/ blogs that are in a like business as you and that are in a related position regarding scope and audience. After that, you contact their editor in chief or site manager and request if they’d like to exchange articles and you respectively take turns highlighting each other’s blogs and networking back to the site. Distinctive procedures should, however, be made to shun duplicating the content. This is a great technique to drive new clients to your site.

3)      Advertise

Advertising is so evident. Paid search, social media marketing, and display publicity are all excellent ways of enticing visitors, structuring your trademark and getting your site visible to clients and visitors. Make an adjustment on your paid approaches to ensemble your objectives – do you just need more traffic or do you wish to escalate conversions, too? Every paid network has its advantages and disadvantages, so think cautiously about your purposes before you go to your credit card.

If you are anticipating to get more visitors to yield more sales, you’ll require targeting high profitable determined keywords as a portion of your compensated search schemes. Yes, the struggle for these search terminologies can be stern and luxurious, but the payments can be worth it.

4)      Increase your Social Media Presence

It is not sufficient to yield abundant content and expect that persons find it – you have to be practical. One of the renowned techniques to escalate traffic to your website/ blog is to increase your social media presence to stimulate your content. Twitter is best for short, sharp and tempting links. However, Google+ campaign can benefit your site in showing up in modified search consequences and appears mainly operational in B2B niches. If you’re a B2C creation corporation, you might find a good number traction with image weighty social sites like P- interest and Instagram.

5)      Blend It Up

There is no thrilling procedure for content advertising achievement, regardless of what some would have you have faith in. For this reason, therefore, show a discrepancy in the length and set-up of your content to make it as interesting as possible to diverse categories of readers. Intermingle shorter, news-based blog columns with long-form content as well as audiovisual, infographics and data-driven portions for thorough impact.

6)      Target Long-Tail Keywords

The more your clients are conversant with your website, the healthier it will be for you. By using suitable keywords, you can create more awareness for the viewers and give them an appreciated involvement. Using keywords will aid in advance your listing on search engines and as a consequence clients will be in a position to see more material about your enterprise when they search online. A keyword specific domain name can rise the amount of clicks and guests you get on your website/ blog on a day-to-day basis.

7)      Be present and consistently post content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has turned into much more than a method of looking for another job. The world’s leading professional social system is now a treasured publication stage in its right, which means you ought to be posting content to LinkedIn on a systematic basis. Doing so can enhance traffic to your site, as well as raise your profile in your business – particularly if you have a reasonable to a huge following.

8)      Email marketing

Email marketing presents further occasions for your industry and motivates a healthier produce on the venture. With email marketing, your investment can generate more profound relationships with a broader audience at a portion of the price of traditional broadcast. In today’s ever-fluctuating digital world, email marketing inclines to take a backseat. Nevertheless, if you haven’t reflected on email marketing for your website by this time, now is the time. Email marketing is a directed, shareable, believable, quantifiable, and economical tool overlooked by many people. Functioning with a trustworthy marketing consultant makes the process straightforward and lucrative. With a tactical attitude, proper supervision and a robust message, your website/ blog is sure to profit from email marketing.

9)      Make it mobile friendly

The generations when internet surfing was done entirely on desktop PCs long vanish. In the present day, more individuals than ever before are surfing with the aid of mobile devices to access the web, and if you force your page visitors to squeeze and scroll around exploring your website/blog, you’re ultimately keeping them away. To avoid making your guests uncomfortable when using your site, certify that your site/ blog is reachable and securely accessible through a variety of devices, comprising of smaller smartphones.

10)  Make yourself noticeable in Comment Segments

It is highly likely that you visit at least a limited sites that are significant to your business on a systematic basis, so why not get on with the discussion? Leaving a comment doesn’t necessarily deliver an instant enhancement to recommendation traffic right away, but creating a name for yourself by giving insightful, stimulating comments on industry blogs and sites is a pronounced technique to get your name out there – which can consequently result in bringing more traffic to your site.

You sure want to increase your website/ blog traffic for free but just recall that, to have your site/ blog more open to growth quality and significance are key – you should be interacting with other individuals in your niche, not sinking junk links on unrelated websites. Remember that all dreams can be achieved, hard work and the right attitude are everything.








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