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How to effectively market my business online for free

2016:08:21 / Guides and info

With most businesses being done online, if you would love to make more profits, then think social media. Below are tips on how to How to effectively market my business online for free.

How to effectively market my business online for free

With everything being done online, if you would love to make more profits, then think social media. From the smallest business, to the biggest ventures. Before I give you the know-how on how to operate a successful online business store, ask yourself these crucial questions.

  • What the main reason for taking your business online? Is it because everyone else is doing so? Is it because someone told you to do so? Then those are the wrong reasons. The main reason for solely going online should come from within you and it should for the purposes of improving brand and increasing profits.

  • ·         How are you planning to use social media? Unless you have the right strategy, taking your business might work for your disadvantage.

·         What particular social media are you going to use? This will help you in determining what your next step should be. It also helps in equipping yourself with the right information concerning the particular sites.

1. Carry out an extensive research. Don’t just wake up in the morning, upload your stuff online and expect to sale. Gather enough information on the dos and don’ts of doing an online business, plan on how you’ll be doing the business in the short term to take on the success to the long-term.

2. Carry out an online business deal at a store that has motivated you, carry out a thorough inspection of their pros and cons, and carry on that experience to offer good services to your customers.

3. Develop a proper marketing plan that will help draw clients into your site/ store. This plan should look at the existing customers as well as the new customers. New customers are good, but existing ones are even better.

4. Consider offering free delivery and postage to clients within your town. Make sure the packaging is appealing, and the item inside reaches the customer as intact as possible. Else, offer links to postal sites so clients can check costs.

5. Design a website that depicts what you are selling. Expensive things call for a good colorful website that looks classy. Make the website easy to use, and loads fast. That way clients won’t get bored navigating through it.

6. A good customer service is everything. It can build or kill your business. Makes your customer service lines available, and ensure the stuff responds promptly to any questions the clients might have. Customers whose issues are not urgent are required to send an e-mail. The support personnel should be available to respond to such questions on a daily basis.

Online Sites to use so as to Advance your Business. 

Social media is an awesome approach to handle customer service subjects. Most customers use face book, various clients may tweet or post directly at you, others may just comment on your brand and fail to tag your social media accounts so it is crucial that you monitor the conversation.


Almost everyone is on face book. It is casual and requires friendly environment that necessitates an active social media marketing approach that starts with generating a Facebook Business Fan Page.  Of importance though is the layout, frequent ant timely updates, clear pictures, and immediate responses. Social media marketing especially for business pages spins around expanding your conversation with your audience through posting business-related items, images, videos, etc.


Twitter is that social media marketing device that will let you announce your updates all through the network. To make it more useful, follow tweeters in your line of business or related fields, and you strive to attain a stable stream of supporters in return. Have a combination of your official-related tweets about special offers, discounts, and news updates with some entertaining and peculiar tweets intermixed. Be certain to retweet when a client has something lovely to say about you, and make sure you respond to people’s questions soonest possible. Unlike face book using Twitter as a social media marketing device circles around dialog and proper communication, so be definite to network as much as possible.


P-interest permits small businesses to present their own items while also increasing their own brand’s temperament with some exclusive pin boards. P-interest is an image-centered platform, and is the latest in social media tools for doing business. Since it uses images, it calls for a business to invest in a good camera, take clear and quality images from all corners. Remember you are competing with thousands other people in that line or similar line of business so you want to stay ahead.

Google +

Google+ is the current Facebook challenger, and it upholds similar fun, casual atmosphere. On Google+ one is able to upload and share pictures, videos, links, and see all your +1s. Also make use of Google+ circles. This lets you to fragment your clients into smaller groups, enabling you to share info with certain followers while excluding others. For example, you might attempt forming a “super-fan” circle, and share exceptional discounts and special offers only in that group. You can likewise try introducing video discussions with Hangouts and try using the Hangout facet in some fun, artistic ways. For instance, if you're a salon, record a “how-to” session on how to braid/ twist your hair. Google+ Communities will let you to pay attention into your fan's response and contribution.


Linkedin is among the professional social media marketing sites that you can make use of to build your brand. LinkedIn has “Groups” section that offers a great venue for getting into a professional discussion with individuals in similar lines of business and offers an avenue to share ideas and information with compatible individuals. 

While at it, hearten customers or clienteles to recommend your business on your LinkedIn profile. Recommendations gives your business more credibility and dependable for fresh customers. You can too look through the LinkedIn’s “Questions section” and provide responses that will assist you get recognized and acquire trust.


YouTube is the leading platform for generating video content, and using it can be an exceptionally influential social media marketing instrument. Many businesses attempt to generate video content with the purpose of making their video “go viral,” but to be genuine those probabilities are very rare. Instead of wanting a viral video, focus on generating valuable, informative “how-to” videos. These “how-to” videos have the additional advantage of high ranking on Google’s video search results. Never under-estimate the power of quality video content!

All said and done, develop the right strategies, and in as much as social media is useful for business, don’t do away with the physical business presence. Word of mouth as well as networking goes a long way in building your brand.

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